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Ingrebourne Valley Limited

Ingrebourne Valley Limited is a joint venture company between RJD Limited (www.rjd.uk.com) and Ahern Waste Management Services Limited (www.ahern.co.uk). The company specialises in the reclamation and restoration of exhausted quarries and other brownfield land, working closely with central and local government agencies and environmental bodies.

For more information on Ingrebourne Valley, please visit www.ingrebournevalley.co.uk

PryorMourik Limited

PryorMourik Limited is a new name in the UK in land remediation. A joint venture company between The Pryor Group and Mourik Groot-Ammers BV (www.mourik.com), PryorMourik is a partnership formed specifically to provide solutions for the remediation and restoration of contaminated land.

For more information on PryorMourik, please visit www.pryormourik.co.uk

The Pryor Group

The Pryor Group is one of the largest privately owned earthmoving companies operating in the United Kingdom. With over 60 years experience in specialist earthmoving and civil engineering, the Group holds a unique pool of knowledge and experience backed by an extensive plant fleet of the latest and most productive equipment available.

For more information on The Pryor Group Limited, please visit www.pryor.co.uk